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"Team QingMaps at Macau and Leiden is happy to announce that:
After Kangxi and Yongzheng, Qianlong has joined the QingMaps-family. Next step is to connect the three and make them searchable. For now, enjoy the open link for the next couple of days, and have a look around. Really tipping our hat to our developer Lon Rodenburg. Qianlong is the biggest image that we have ever seen. Getting it online has been a trial and error, but Lon found a way to make it work for us.
(some places on the map are blurry. It has to do with the map itself and not with the technique)

Fresco SAM-SIN 京以宬
Manchu & Manjuristics,
Leiden University.
Research associate,
Research Center for Material Culture
Platform Project:
Cartographic Project:QingMaps
Lexicopedic Project: Buleku
Translation Journal: DEBTELIN
T: @manjurambi
Support Manchu Foundation
Wesihun baksisa


Recent developments towards the creation of a database for digitised documentary material kept at the No 1 Historical Archives in Beijing seem to be gathering pace. Here a recent announcement offering a sneak preview:

Teni unenggi,

SOAS 1916-2018 : 102 years of enthusiasm

Dr Lars Peter Laamann
Senior Lecturer, History Department
Editor, Central Asiatic Journal


Fresco Sam-Sin:For ‪ , we finished assembling the Qing-Manchu-Chinese-Kangxi Overview Map's son, the gigantic Yongzheng Overview Map. Next step is to connect the indexes to enable switching between maps. Smt for 2019 (together with Qianlong version) 11:33 AM - 1 Aug 2018
Pamela Crossley: April issue of Foreigners in China Magazine, edited by Steve Upton and Wang Min, with an interview with Jorge Forjaz on his new edition of Familias Macaenses. For access email Steve at
--- 4/5/18 8:00 AM:

Léon Rodenburg and Fresco Sam-Sin:
Online Lexicopedia Manchu

The team of would like to make you aware of the online Manchu lexicopedia

Although still in beta, it is already ready to use.
It now includes Jerry Norman's Comprehensive Manchu-English Dictionary, as well as the Qing Mirror lexicon of the Qianlong court. Over 20 modern and Qing-contemporary lexicons will follow in the coming months. For this project, works together with Helsinki University, Tohoku University (K-dic database), Georgetown University at Qatar, Leiden University, as well as ca. ten database volunteers.

So, for anyone learning or reading Manchu sources, try It works on any device. For questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to email

PS: if you wish to follow the addition of sources, then follow our FB

Foreigners and Foreign Resources at the Treaty Ports of Modern China

We hope that you will find the attached December 2017 Update to be interesting and informative. We welcome your comments and suggestions. We also look forward to hearing from anyone who may have information for possible inclusion in the next Update (to be distributed in spring or summer 2018).

With best regards,
Wang Min (wangmin63@126) or Steve Upton (

EARLIER --conference report and network invitation

-- from Steve Upton

This is a report, for the Qing Research Portal, about the following academic workshop which was held on April 11-12, 2017 at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS): “Investigation and Research regarding Foreigners and Foreign Resources at Treaty Ports of Modern China." This workshop, which was conducted under the aegis of the Urban History Group of the Innovation Project at SASS, and also of Fudan University's International Center for the Study of Shanghai History, included speakers from Belgium, Canada, China, Hungary, Japan, the United Kingdom, and United States. SEE THE FULL REPORT HERE.

The workshop participants are in the process of developing a network of individuals (academic and non- academic) with serious interests in any aspects of the history of foreigners and foreign resources in late Qing and/or Republican China, especially at Shanghai, Tianjin, and other treaty ports. Anyone interested in joining this network should contact Wang Min (wangmin63@126) or Steve Upton (
Pamela Crossley:
Welcome to the Qing Research Portal.

I am writing these messages on the β of the contributor's module for the QRP interactive portal, and it is the pilot for the contributor's channels of ECCP READER. Please help us improve it by using it!

Anyone who wants to download the software, please email us at with your name and academic affiliation. Students please indicate what degree you are pursuing. Independent scholars please tell us something about your publications in the field of Qing history.

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