NEW ECCP READER, version 8.6, continues a reintroduction of association engines that were tested in the original ECCP READER; global searches feature contextual citations if desired and separate citations for main entry references, and also citations to the notes channel; horizontal searches feature topical tags (with automatic global search), textually-similar biographies and a separate contemporaries; automatic connection to Harvard CHGIS; optional close buttons on reading windows for those who do not like to use keystrokes. Pinyin conversion is available from within reading windows. Entries and notes can be saved to disk or to email.

The new version adds a demographic channel, and the option to automate menus (gesture-responsive).

--Windows and Linux versions are stable but have not been tested for platform-specific conflicts; feedback much appreciated.

macOS: --for virtual disk, movement to applications folder

Linux and Linux 64:

Edited biographies are accessible online at ECCP for the Web.

The software to allow accredited participants to contribute to this page is now available. See the "comments" column for more details.

Berkshire Publishing has released a new pinyin edition of ECCP. The volume includes indices to allow easy cross-referencing of pinyin and Wade-Giles.