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Wan Ssŭ-hsüan

Wan Ssŭ-hsüan 萬斯選 (T. 公擇 H.白雲先生), July 9, 1629-1694, Sept. 28, scholar, native of Yin-hsien, Chekiang, was the fifth son of Wan T'ai [q.v.] and a pupil of Huang Tsung-hsi [q.v.]. He declined to compete in the examinations, believing that genuine scholarship should be concerned with practical affairs and right human relationships rather than with books and theories. When he died, age sixty-six (sui), he was mourned by Huang Tsung-hsi who characterized him as a true scholar, one who put into practise the principles of Liu Tsung-chou [q.v.]. His grave and that of his brother, Wan Ssŭ-ch'ang, were repaired in 1935 when the villa, Po-yün chuang, was restored (see under Wan T'ai).

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