The original page on this event, from May 2007, has been removed. Readings relevant to the event were:

Suraiya Faroqhi at Dartmouth

P.K. Crossley, "An Early Modern Complex for Eurasian Empires"

H. Islamoglu, "Modernities Compared: State Transformations and Constitutions of Property in the Qing and Ottoman Empires"

D.R. Khouri, "Administrative Practice between Religious Law (Sharia) and State Law (Kanun) on the Eastern Frontiers of the Ottoman Empire"

M. Macauley, "A World Made Simple: Law and Property in the Ottoman and Qing Empires"

R. Murphey, "Süleiman I and the Conquest of Hungary: Ottoman Manifest Destiny or a Delayed Reaction to Charles V's Universalist Vision"